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Pom d'Api is the French brand of reference for children's footwear. Combining high quality tailoring and materials used to originality and elegance of the lines, the baby shoes Pom d'Api are the best to wear to our children. From the first steps in the marches sent, footwear Pom d'Api accompany the growth of children according to different characteristics for different age groups. The shoe of the baby is higher and stiff in the back, with a soft sole with non-slip to provide good supportoe facilitate the first steps of the smallest, with an arch that follows the proper growth of the foot. For larger forms will soften, but never give up the comfort and security of the proper fit of the foot. And what about the unique style of baby shoes Pom d'Api that expertly blend fabrics and colors with the seasons. Sequins and rhinestones for a twinkle all feminine and soft natural leather of the boys for the Spring-Summer, pony up to the tissues, the spotted and the suede for the Fall-Winter.

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