The customer has the right to return your purchase within 10 days without giving any reasons, starting from the day you receive the goods.

In particular:
1.2 The right to return can be exercised through the appropriate activities shown below:
-Access to the "My Account"
-select "My orders" or "Order history and details"
-click "details" of your order
-select the item you want to return back and fill the space reserved for reasons of return. Then click "Make a note of restitution."
The customer will receive an email with instructions for the return. The customer will be updated on the state of the practice through email. Any item that is damaged, incomplete or whose original packaging has deteriorated will not be refunded nor exchanged. If the returned package meets all the conditions set out in 1.3, Cocochic will re-credit the amount paid in the manner prescribed in section 1.5. The return costs are paid by customers. In case of change in Italy, Cocochic will pay the costs of return. From abroad, the return costs are always at your expense.

1.3 The return right is submitted to the following conditions:
-Items must be returned in their entirety

-Items must not be used, worn, washed or damaged;
-Items must still have the tag attached.
Cocochic reserves the right not to accept products that do not meet the conditions in 1.3 or that are returned later than the tenth day after delivery.

1.4 In the event that Cocochic, for the purchase of a given package Products, offer the possibility to buy them at a lower price than what you would normally find by purchasing them individually (eg. 5x4, 3x2, etc.), the right of return may also be exercised only with the return of some of the purchased products: in this case the price will be recalculated by referring to the normal price for the purchase of single product. In all other cases (eg. Tying, operations in the money etc etc) the right of return may only be exercised with the return of all the purchased products, thus ruling out any partial exclusion.

1.5 If the right of return is exercised by the customer in accordance with the above conditions ( 1.3), Cocochic will make a voucher for the same amount of the value of the items returned. The customer can spend it within 60 days. Upon customer request, Cocochic will refund the amount paid by the customer within 60 days anyway. The days on which the credit will be visible on the Customer's account may depend by the customer Bank.

1.6 Cocochic reserves the right to not accept the returned goods if the return does not comply with the terms and conditions of the return policy. In that case this will be communicated by email and the customer can choose to have the items back, at its expense, or leave the possession to Cocochic which will keep them without refund the cost.

1.7 The right of return can not be applied in the case of personalized items requested by the customer at the time of the Order.